Media Appearance

Network Television
PBS: Burt Wolf Tastes of Freedom: Kwanzaa
Fox News: Fox and Friends

Access Cable Television Shows
Denton Harewood/Jazz Bytes
Bernice “Boom Boom” Brooks
Harold Ousley
Jackie Rowe Adams
Lennie Matthews
Brown Sugar
Heather Odom
Brazilians in New York

WKCR “In All Languages” hosted by David Ellenbogen
WKCR “Som do Brasil” hosted by Jassvan DeLima,
WBAI “Stolen Moments in Jazz” hosted by Mahmoud Ibrahim
WBAI “The Dred Scott Keyes Show”
WTBQ “The John Moultrie Show”
WTBQ “Takin’ Care of Business” hosted by Michael Sweeton
WVNJ “The Jim Lowe Show” “John Richmond Jazz” “Connections with Deborah Turner”