Selected Quotes

“Among the other memorable shows were a first-ever ‘Women of Jazz in the Hudson Valley’  showcase….with assured, sympathetic support from pianist Joe Vincent Tranchina….”
– John Ephland (Downbeat)

“Pianist Joe Vincent Tranchina plays all the right things at the right time and combines good taste with linear thrust.” (Re the Gabriele Tranchina CD ‘A Song of Love’s Color’.)
– Grego Applegate Edwards,

“Joe Vincent (Tranchina) shined as a sensitive accompanist and improviser with inexhaustible ideas on piano.”
– Darmstädter Echo

“Joe Vincent Tranchina plays piano throughout the set, accompanying and soloing beautifully. (Re the Osi CD Whisper Not)”
– Bob Dorough

“Not to be outdone was the man tickling the ivories – the talented pianist Joe Vincent Tranchina – whose artistry was on display.”
– Rockland County Times

“Accompanying [Cecil Bridgewater] were the other seriously talented members of the series including… keyboardist extraordinaire Joe Tranchina.”
– Q Guide to the Arts

“Joe Tranchina…an outstanding performer on this fine CD. (Re the self-titled Andrea Wolper CD)”

“Even more meaningful was…the virtuosic piano playing of Joe Tranchina.” –Heimatzeitung

“The Spiritus Rector of this evening was Joe Tranchina, who accompanied on electric piano with fast hands and improvised effortlessly. His soloing reminded me a little of Monty Alexander, but you could also hear a touch of Mike Melillo, the unforgettable pianist of the Phil Woods Quartet.”
– Darmstädter Echo

“The music…I of course recognized as based on Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto…I found quite wonderful in its more modern clothing. (Re the score for the documentary Significance)”
– Raymond Erickson, Professor of Music, Queens College

“Joe Vincent Tranchina composed “Voz”, and this very persuasive work came to life with his expertise on the Yamaha. Joe has seamless phrasing and unique ornamentations, and his compositions are as impressive as his performance.”
-Dr. Roberta E. Zlowkower,